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A powerful, connected platform

Xplor Studio is fully equipped to integrate with tools you already use, like Mailchimp and Google Calendar,
to add even more power to your business—and keep it all in one place.

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Xplor Studio integrates
payments seamlessly
Manage personalized emails
with Mailchimp
Automatically sync schedules
with Google Calendar

The platforms we integrate with

Process payments seamlessly and securely with Xplor Pay

Accept payments anywhere, anytime, with our complete range of payments solutions including point-of-sale, ecommerce, mobile, in-app, recurring billing, e-invoicing, and auto-reconciliation. Our global platform is cloud-based, which means seamless, secure processing and more revenue for your business.

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Quickly sync your contacts to Mailchimp

Your marketing should keep up with your growth. Thanks to our Mailchimp integration, you’ll be ready. The members you add in Studio will automatically sync to Mailchimp every 15 minutes—so you can quickly add them to your email marketing lists without having to add them on both platforms.

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Expand the potential of your calendar

With Studio’s built-in schedule builder, you can easily create events—then sync them directly into your or your staff’s Google Calendar. Plus, you can edit the events on both platforms, so that you and your staff can stay connected, up-to-date, and right on schedule.

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Put your studio front-and-center with our branded mobile app

With our Grow plan, our software for gym management expands to let you customize, design and brand your own app, which will also appear in the app store. That way, you can promote, collect reviews, and drive brand loyalty. Our team is ready to show you firsthand just how effective a branded experience can be. Click below to get a guided tour of the app.